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Every Man Should Know 7 Tips For Shaving Beard


Beard grooming will take many times and it is not convenient at all. One makes sense reason why do people groom their beard because they are tired of clean off their food in their beard. Aware or not, beard not easy to grow. For some people it is easy and for those not at all. if you are the lucky one, you have to take care of the beard you have to make your looks in the most up level.

We already compile Tips for shaving beard down below. Grab your notes and pen first to write down the tips below. Make sure you do all the tips in the right way to get the best result. If you do wrong, maybe the result not as you expected. Don’t feel guilty or blaming yourself if it is a flop.

1. Make A Plan

To get the best result, you must prepare the right time to do shave. If you in hurry, it means not good if you do shave today, be patient and wait till the next day. Please remember, you just allow to do shave in your spare time. Also, don’t forget to prepare all the stuff you need to a shave. This is important to ease you while doing the shaving. If you make a good plan, we guarantee you can avoid disorder.

2. Adjust Your Beard with Your Face Shape

If you do shave as you want, the result might be not good. You must look deeply on what your face type is. Is it an oval, round, square, or what? This looks trivial. That’s why most people ignore this part. If you do wrong even in one movement, then it will directly impact the result. If you shaved many times, you can look back how the previous result is, then compare. Your beard will totally impact your appearance.

3. Wet Your Beard

Next tips for shaving the beard is to wet your beard. This is important to avoid skin irritation. Further, the chin area is very sensitive and broke easily. Pour some water into your beard to wither them all. When it already withers, you can lightly trim them. You have to wet the beard first, don’t you ever put the shaving cream into your dry face because there is a possibility of razor burn.

4. Use Beard Oil

To stand out the scent, you can use beard oil before do the shaving. There are many scents on the market that you can pick. Please choose your typical scent nicely. The various brand with different price available on the market. Please choose wisely.

5. Trim then Shave Your Beard

Here you come, time’s coming. After preparing the tips above very well, now you feel so sure to trim the beard. It is easy to cut off the whole hair but that’s not the way how. It just makes you hurt and the result will be bad. Do it step by step. You can start from the upper part then go below slowly. If you don’t have an electric razor, calm down because you can use your scissors. But use the hygienic scissors for sure. Thus, you can use electric shaver to shave your beard.

6. Clean Your Face

Hair must be everywhere after shaving. To rid off those hairs, go clean your face with suitable facial wash. Choose a facial face with a good extract to protect your skin from the rash.

Eat Healthy Food

To push hair growth, good food must be necessary. What you eat will impact your beard directly. You eat well, the next beard hair will grow greatly and possibly light to groom. If you crave a perfect growth of beard, you can consume food with protein and vitamin.

That’s all the tips for shaving the beard. Beside that, we noticed you about the electric razor above. What is the best electric razor nowadays? Here is the answer.

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This BROADCARE waterproof electric razor, rechargeable shavers is perfect in tips for shaving the beard. The weight only 4.5 pounds will make you easier to make a shave movement. The product intentionally designs to help you avoid skin irritation, especially in the unreachable area. Long nor short beard hair, not a big deal. You can still use this product in an easy way.

Came up in black colour and handled grip possibly make you feel comfortable while do shaving. You can use the razor either in wet or dry. But please remember don’t intentionally drown the razor in the water for a long time. It’s only gonna make the razor get rusty rapidly. When your shaver run out of battery, charge it for 8 hours to get a full battery. After that, you can use the shaver for more in 75 minutes of working time.

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That’s all the tips for shaving beard also the best shaver that you can choose on Amazon. Wish this review helpful.

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