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How to Shave Head and Beard Look Good


Shaved head and beard? What you guys thinking if you do both? Not really matter about both, especially when you have an oval face which known suitable for every style. Since 2015, bald already famous and might be appropriate to all man. Man with a bald head and gauzy beard are the perfect combos.

To make your face look more length, you need a beard below your chin. But growing a beard is not an easy way. For some man, it’s become uneasy to grow a beard, but not happened to the rest of them. Also bald head and gauzy beard not always suitable for every man. If this is the first time for you go to bald and gauzy beard, you may look a bit odd, don’t you? May you gonna lose self-confidence in front of people. But hey, you don’t have to do that. Man with that type is cool and look more gentleman. Moreover, the girl would love a guy who has a good style with a gentle appearance.

There is 4 shaved head and beard style you must know, such:

1. Goatee

Have you seen Hugh Jackman? The X-Man star who had a role as a Wolverine is the person who has goatee style. You can find goatee style easily on a construction man or maybe a rock and roll stars.

2. Stubble

Jason Statham is the actor who suitable for a stubble style. Stubble style has a gauzy beard and a gauzy hair on the side of the head. Man with stubble style looks more gentle and sexy.

3. Full Beard

The full beard is popular for old man maybe. But nowadays, an adult also likes this style because make them look full of wealth. The traditional look will suitable for who wanted to live in 50 eras.

4. Moustache

If beard not suitable for you, pick moustache style. Grow a moustache not as difficult as beard because of the areas were more narrow. Don’t shave your face till a week, moustache might appear slightly.

To light your desire when shaved head and beard, you do need stuff. Such a trimmer or electric shaver. Well, both will help you out to fulfil your desire to get your fave appearance. So many trimmers and shaver on the market these days. It distinctly makes you confuse to pick up which one is the best. Fortunately, we already make a list about the best-shaved head and beard that will provide you with both functions in once stuff. Check the lists below:

1. Comfort Series Rechargeable Reciprocating Blade Electric Shaver, Black – by Ckeyin

A ton of question pops up about how to clean and shave your beard? Use Electric Shaver, Ckeyin Comfort Series Rechargeable Reciprocating Blade Electric Shaver for best-shaved head and beard. The product comes in a stylish design. Combine black and more silver colour make this shaver look great. If you type of clean up before hanging out with friends, this shaver suits you very much. Sleek and smooth result offered by this product. Made of stainless steel with handled grip will allow you to do shave in one movement. The blade itself let you clean more and more into an unreachable area. Lightly to use is the strength of this product.

2 things about this product you must know:

  • You are not allowed to put the shaver under the tap while clean it, because of this product not waterproof
  • Take a long time for charging. Charge 8 hours and it’s last only for 40 minutes

On Amazon, you can get this product by spending only $11.99 after discount 60%. You’ll be able to get free shipping if you making a purchase right now. Don’t miss out this product. Visit Amazon and go enjoy the benefits.


2. Remington TF70CDN Battery-Operated Foil Travel Shaver, Electric Shaver, & Electric Razor

Shaved your head and beard with Remington TF70CDN Battery Operated Foil Travel Shaver. This lightweight shaver can accompany you wherever you go. It is powerful, good performance, long last battery lives, and travel lock will ease you while carrying this shaver for travel. The travel lock possibly makes you can turn off the shaver to save battery.

To protect the shaver from damage while travel, there is a head guard that will completely save the shaver. The head guard made of plastic. Wind the battery from shaver is convenient because of slides in and out available below the shaver. Gotta exchange the old battery with a new battery must be no worry. Price for Remington TF70CDN also affordable. It is $12.99 only with free shipping, you’ll be able to use the product at home. On Amazon, Remington TF70CDN got 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. If you curious how the product works, make a try is a must!

Goatee, stubble, full beard, even moustache must be easy because of Electric Shaver Comfort Series Rechargeable Reciprocating Blade by Ckeyin and Remington TF70CDN Battery Operated Foil Travel Shaver. Which one is yours? Thanks for the reading. Hope this information useful for your readers!

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