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What’s the Best Safety Razor Handle for Your Precious Hands?


You might have thought that safety razor is only about the blade or at least head of razor. But picking the best handle for your hands are also important. And again, all reviews isn’t only concern about the result of your shaving but also for your safety (and we’re talking about safety razor anyway). Good handles not only mean good result but also top safety. Imagine when you’re shaving and your razor slip from your hand, you might pray that you won’t get hurt.


Razor handles can be made by different materials. Back when razor was still straight razor, it is common to make razor handle from expensive material as back then, straight razor was also a symbol for wealth and status. Straight razor handle can be made by animal tusks, such as elephant tusks, animal bones, even expensive metal like silver, bronze, even 24 karat gold. It is also common to use woods to made razor handles. Not only made from the best materials, razor handles can be engraved, either engraved with your names, your initials, or your company or family symbols, or anything that you might desired. This engravement can either be made by the artist or specially ordered.

Today, most razor handles or the bodies are made from materials that are not expensive, especially for mass produced safety razor. The cheapest material that can be used for mass produced safety razor is plastic. Plastic is easy to be made, rather cheap, no wonder safety razor made from plastic is usually much cheaper. Most disposable safety razors are made from plastic. It’s inexpensive anyway, so might need not to think twice before discarding this type of razor. Furthermore, this kind of razors are often sold in pack, between two or more razors for each pack. While cheap and relatively easy to be found anywhere, is plastic razor actually safe for you? If we’re talking about handle, handle made from plastic is relatively light and comfortable to be grasp, or at least we’ve just never heard anyone complaining about plastic handle. Plus, plastic handle is not slippery. But one problem with plastic safety razor, is too light. If you have read our article about best safety razor, you might have found out that weight is also an important factor toward safety during shaving. When it’s too light, this simply means you’re going to have to put more pressure when you shave and this can cause harm toward your skin.

Stainless steel is also a common material for safety razor handles, but mind you, this might not come cheap and sometimes cost the same as an electric shaver. But, if you actually can spend more on shaving, then you might want to consider on treating yourself with a good safety razor made of stainless steel. Like all stainless steel products, stainless steel safety razor would legs likely to get rusty in short times. When it comes I weight, stainless steel is more likely to be balanced and not too heavy, thus you don’t need to apply too much pressure and you my avoid the possibility of hurting yourself during shaving. When it comes to handle, stainless steel handle is rather nice in texture. Handles might be costumize according to the need of each used, you might want longer handle for bigger hands. While stainless steel handle feels nice this might reduce the aggressiveness of your safety razor. And about the weight, mind you, while I wrote that stainless steel is rather light, for some people, this might be wrong. Sure stainless steel is light but may not be safety razor light.

Other materials for your handles that you might want to consider chrome played or nickel played. Chrome costs less than nickel. This is due to chrome is less strong than nickel and more prone to scratches than nickel and is harder to get it out than nickel. If you’re talking about how shiny or beautiful the looks, chrome might be more shiny and bright while nickel is warmer. Overall, chrome might look not shiny but nickel is more durable.

You might still wondering why am I eager to write about razor handle while handle usually not sold separated from the head and you’re seeing more of the body rather than handle. But again, here we are care about your safety too and handle contributes so much to your safety and it’s not always that you should purchase a safety razor complete with all the components. Razor handles can always be purchased separately, especially for those who want more luxury and want to use a little bit of personalization on your shaving kit. And it often happens that while overall you enjoy both the weight and aggressiveness of your safety razor, you might have thought to upgrade it a little by purchasing a better handue. And even in many cases, changing your handles can actually increase the result of your shaving.

And while uncommon, you can still find luxurious handles with rare material such as wood, steel, even ox horn.

Here are some sites that you might want I check out. In case you want to purchase your own safety razor handles.


  • Maggard RazorsMaggard Razors. Offers you fine collection of shaving kit, starting from shavers to shaving cream. You can find various types of handles here, most made from stainless steel though you can find unique materials here such as wood and even bamboo. Handles are sold with various kinds of length, but you might need to pay attention whether the handle would fit your razor head or not.
  • Elite Razor. While it doesn’t offer so much handle selection, you can still find various kinds of luxurious and elite handles. Made ranging from wood, stone, too bro resonate, this site is a good idea if you want to order a special made handles as gifts.

Windrose. While there’s no website for windrose, you can still find this brand on eBay or other e-commerence. Some of handles are sold in pack, consists of up to nine handles, made by various materials.

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