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Best of The Best for The Beard Trimmer


As you might have read for our other previous articles, you would have known that we categorized Beard trimmer and other groomer products by its specialties. Some beard trimmer or other groomer products offer good shaving quality but with high price. Other simply offers rather cheap trimmer, with so-so quality. While other offers good quality, rather affordable, but might not be too efficient, for example, not travelling friendly. Here we are going to pick best of the best for beard trimmerfrom several categories and various brands as specific brands have their own plus and minus.


  • Best Beard Trimmer For Travelling

Here we are going to pick the best and most efficcient trimmer. By efficient, we would rather to pick the one that is cordless and not requiring a lot of space to pack, rather light in weight, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This we thought as important to be on ourbestofthebestforbeardtrimmeras we sure a lot of our readers need to travel often and would want to maintain their beard handsome.


  • Best Beard Trimmer For Busy Men

Busy Men requires a trimmer that can do the job fast and clean at the same time so you don’t need to do much cleaning after trimming your beard. We add this category to our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmerlist so our professional readers could choose what’s best for them.


  • Best Beard Trimmer for Beard Styling

Come on, even men today need to be stylish. Style isn’t just for women only. Beard styler is not just for those who want to have clean and neat beard, but also keep it stylish and up to date with the current trend to avoid our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmerarticle readerslooking like a hipster (unless if you want to be one of course. Hipsters do have good beards.)


  • Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beard

We would only pick trimmer that’s suitable for Gandalf. Long beard requires different kind of trimmer, for example, they might require to have a trimmer with better and stronger motor. Duck Dynasty would love our pick, and we hope they could read our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmeraward.


  • Best Budget Beard Trimmer

Okay, we know not everyone would spend that much money for beard trimmer. Some people just don’t think that their beard is their treasure, and we totally get it. How much is our budget for cheap trimmer? We would say anywhere under $50. Maybe our pick isn’t the best trimmer, but what can you say? Money sometimes equal quality.


  • Best stubble Trimmer

Take a look at world’s hottest men such as Adam Levine, David Beckham, and Ryan Gosling. What do they have in common? Yes stubble. No you don’t need long trimmed beard, sometimes that myterious super short hair around your face is ladies’ killer. Keep it up, and get the special trimmer for it.


And so here are our winners on bestofthebestforbeardtrimmeraward.

  • Best Beard Trimmer For Travelling

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 3500

Why we picked it as our best? Take a look at the slim body offers by this trimmer. Slim and light weight, doesn’t take much space on your suitcase and doesn’t require much attachments or maintenence. Some people would rather pick a cheaper beard trimmer for travelling. Why? Because there are more chances of this trimmer to get lost or broken during your travel so it might be a huge waste. Yes this product is from Philips Norelco but so affordable that you might not thing that this is a Philips Norelco. Requires only 100-240v outlets and one hour of charging, you can still use this trimmer up to 90 minutes. Fit for business travel and fit to win our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmeraward.


  • Best Beard Trimmer For Busy Men

 Panasonic ER224S Beard Trimmer

You might have thin beard or thick beard but this doesn’t matter for Panasonic ER224S. this device would actually face any kind of beard and work so quick that if you’re busy, you don’t need to worry about how much time you’re going to spend for trommong your beard. Cordless, waterprood, and can be handled easily and comfortably, whether you want to shape, cut, or trim your hair, you get it all from this device.

With 14 individual setting, you can set your trimmer for your needs and helps you to use it quickly. It is also can be cleansed and rinsed easily, and charged quickly with long battery span. A quick and suitable choice for busy men.


  • Best Beard Trimmer for Beard Styling

Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer Pro -Qt4070

One thing about beard trimmer for tyling is, you need to get one that could have more setting varieties. The more the better indeed, but we don’t choose our best only by the number of setting varieties.

Why we choose Philis Norelco? Okay one of the reason is beacause it has more length settings than other good trimmer. Except maybe for Panasonic Milano that offer 19 settings while this trimmer offers 18 settings, varies from 1mm to 18mm with a zoom lock wheel that can secure your setting. Available with turbo power setting that offers youd extra trimming speed and additionlasuuction power, suitable for your thick hair. Maintenance free blade offers stay sharp blade. Easy to clean and last for 50 minutes with cordless use.


  • Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beard

Remington PG6025 All-in-1

One thing you need to pay attention when Gandalf wants to trim his beard is a trimmer with blade that can stay sharp longer and maybe even self-sharpening. Rmeington PG6025 All-in-1 offers you a self sharpening blade with surgical steel blades that will win against your long beard. With eight different length settings and three fixed comb, you can both style and trim your long beard neatly.



  • Best Budget Beard Trimmer

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Mustache and Beard Trimmer

Only $30 and you can get the good trimming, either for beards or maintaining your stubble. And this is no surprise if we put Remington as the winner on our best budget beard trimmer winner. Come with 9 length settings and three heads, you can trim both your beards and stubble with closer trim. Titanium coated blades guarantee well cutting and self-sharpening blade requires less maintenance. A perfect choice to be on our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmer .I can recommend gazblogs Very good fast service, I was looking for a mains. Those are the winner of our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmer. We hope this article can help you to pick the best trimmer for you beard needs.

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