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Best Electric Shaver For Women 2019


Choosing electric shaver for women might be a little bit tricky. Some men might want to leave a little bit of hair when they shave and some don’t even care about getting a little bit of irritation and red skin after shaving. But for women, clean and smooth result is a must and when you have to exchange your hairless skin with irritation, women might have given up shaving all the way. Some area that needs to be shaved for women are really sensitive and will be very painful if you don’t choose the right shaver for you. Areas like bikini area and armpit for example, need a good trimming to avoid burning and painful after shaving effects.

You might need to consider what are you going to use your shaver for. There are shavers that can only be used in several areas only. Not all female shavers can be used in all areas that needs to be trimmed, areas like bikini area might need a special trimmer because they just some ‘tight area’ that cannot be reached by shaver. Some women even need to treat their eyebrows, and best choose a smaller shaver or you might lose all your eyebrows all the way.

Most of female shavers are equipped with foil shaving, this to avoid too much friction between your skin and your blade and minimize the impacts toward skin, like razor burn or irritation.

You might want to consider shaver that can be used for wet shaving. Yes, most of female shavers are using foil shaving to reduce the risk of irritation, but you might still want to use moisturizer or other shaving products, not only to avoid irritation but also to make your skin smooth. Some razor even equipped with moisturizer from branded skin products.

These are top five female shavers that recommend for you. This list is not in any particular order, so you need not too worry if your favorite is not on the top of the list.


1. Philips HP6378

What not too love from this adorably design electric shaver? How do you know that this shaver is any good? Not from the look of it that’s simply chic with blue and white colours, this shaver is the true meaningof all-purpose shaver marketed as a bikini area trimmer, this shaver can actually do more than just trimming your bikini area. You’ll get 6 different attachments that can be used for different areas, from your eyebrows to your toes. Wait, eyebrows? You read this right, this product comes with eyebrow com that can be used to trim your eyebrow to the prefect length, and micro trimmer is designed to shape your eyebrow. Other attachments are designed to do grooming, clean the remaining stubble and remove the hair to the roots. With the help of hypo-allergenic, you need not to worry about shaving to close to your skin.

There might be a little bit of a downside to this product though. You might need to be patient when it comes to charging or you need to remember to charge the shaver the night before since to took 10 hours to fully recharge the shaver.


2. Remington WDF-7000.

When you’re talking about lady shaver, it’s not complete without talking about Remington, claimed to be America’s no. 1 lady shaver brand. Although some might confuse Remington as a shotgun maker. Luxury, that’s the first thing this shaver marketed with predominantly gold color. This is the first shaver that comes with cleaning system which allows this shaver to self-clean after each use. Not only cleaning itself, this shaver also lubricate itself and keeps the shaver in running condition. And also, a multi-purpose shaver that can trim your legs as well as your bikini area and armpit. Good for both dry and wet shaving, you need not to worry to use this shaver during shower. The gold foils allow you to shave without any worry that you might hurt your skin and causing irritation.

This shaver is indeed a luxurious, so don’t expect this shaver come in cheap. But if you don’t mind the prize and luxury is everything, then this is the perfect shaver for you.


3. Panasonic ES2216PC.

Real ladies have curves this is what this shaver is trying to show to all the ladies. Nicely design with curve, not only to be a candy to your eyes but also to allow you reaching special areas that can only be reached by specially design shaver. Another multi-purpose shaver, the curve is design so you can shave your intimate area without worrying you’ll get any irritation, while you can still shave as close as possible to the root of your hair and get a clean result. 100% waterproof, safe to be used when you shower or with moisturizer products. Four floating pivoting heads and hypo-allergenic, nickel free blade will guarantee sensitive skin can shave without worry. Nicely curved, beautifully shaped, easy to be handled, and available with sexy pink colour.

This shaver available with a chic case for ladies who travel a lot. Also come with a bikini trimmer.


4. Philips HP6378 Bikini

Okay, this is the real all-purpose shaver. Just because the name has bikini on it, doesn’t mean this shaver is for bikini area only. This shaver comes with 6 different attachments that allows you not only to trim your bikini area but also your other areas including your eyebrows.


5. Tezam Ladies Electric Shaver

When you want a shaver, it doesn’t have to be a three parties system. You actually have more choice, other than Philips, Remington or Panasonic. Tezam is quite a player in grooming industry. But for this article, we’re going to review only the electric ladies’ shaver. Come with three blades, this shaver promise a multi-purpose shaver, you can shave your armpits, legs, face, even your bikini area. With fast charging facility, you can get a full charged shaver within 8 hours of charging. Rather cheap compared to other shavers from better known brands.

So ladies, have you decided which shaver is perfect for you?

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