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3 Best Rotary Shaver to Choose


Having electric shaver is very beneficial in many shaving terms including the practical uses, comfort, and the costs as well. If you try to have the best electric shaver, you may have two options to choose between the rotary or the foil shaver type. Then, what makes them difference? Read the following statements to know more below.

The rotary shaver is the one who has three rotating blades placed in a triangular pattern. The use of this kind of electric shaver is only by rotating the movements across the face as you apply some skin treatments. The rotary shaver works well due to the presence of the blades which spin rapidly. In contrast, the foil shavers are consisting a series of knives hidden under a rectangular metallic foil. It works by vibrating the knives to trim the hairs.

What are the reasons to choose rotary shaver compared to other kinds of an electric shaver? It has shown that rotary shaver is good at trimming the thick and longer hair with a great performance in applying different directions of movements. Indeed, this term makes the hair is easier and takes faster time while being cut. Using a rotary shaver leads you to have less effort and is preventing the skin irritation that may occur. Also, it is safe to shave regularly or even for your daily life.

Both have the pros and cons as well. However, the same function goes to the quick, clean and close shaving they have provided. Then, as this article described, we will talk about best rotary shaver you have to choose as an option.

1. Philips Norelco Shaver 9300

Among great rotary shavers, we have chosen the Philips Norelco as being the first rank of best rotary shavers. As a matter of fact, Philips as a brand has provided best electric shaver and have invented some great innovations to the uses of a shaver. Moreover, Norelco is first introduced in 1939 and becomes a great market leader in shaver segment.

Speaking about the performance, it provides the faster shaving speeds and more complex LED display compared to other types of Philips Norelco. With the advanced technology, Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 has provided, it helps you to cut the ingrown hairs up to 30% closer to skin. The great performance is linked to the presence of V-Track precision blades it has provided. Furthermore, the movements make 8 directions can lead you to shave in just one single pass. Moreover, what’s even greater from the performance of this

rotary shaver is you can set the speed based on slow, medium, or fast performance as you can choose it whatever you want.


2. Philips Norelco Shaver 6100

Indeed, the Philips Norelco is providing the best options of rotary shavers to choose. Not only for providing the previous type of rotary shaver but also it gives you another option to choose as well as it presents the Philips Norelco Shaver 6100. On the other hand, it has a lower cost compared to the previous one. You can simply bring this device to your home with at least $90 for the package including the cordless razor, protective cap, cleaning brush, power cord, and the charging stand.

Highlight Features of Philips Norelco Shaver 6100

  • ⦁ Dimensions: 1.2 x 1.2 x 6.2 inches
  • ⦁ Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • ⦁ Origin: Netherlands
  • ⦁ Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required

Features of Philips Norelco Shaver 6100

  • ⦁ Sensotouch with 2D gyro flex – help you to have a comfortable shaving action. The gyro flex applies the shave by following the face curve and minimizing the pressure and the skin irritation.
  • ⦁ The Glides – makes a close shaving as well as make the great shaving precision.
  • ⦁ Aquatec Technology – and the great news is this device has a great performance in shaving for dry and wet terms.

You may do not want to spend money for a waste. Besides, according to the list of features above, it is not a wrong thing to choose this type of Philips Norelco to be ranked two. Then, by having this great device will ensure that the things you just have bought are required the things that you need. Indeed, every shaving thing you need is provided in this rotary shaver.

Then, as explained above, this rotary shaver is great in performance and quality. Indeed, it is handy and effective for daily shaving. According to the advantages which this rotary razor has provided, we recommend you to have it as your shaving device option.


3. Philips Norelco Shaver 2100

If you try to find the lower cost of buying the best rotary shaver, you may have to choose Philips Norelco Shaver 2100 as an option. By spending at least $40, you will get a great daily shaving performance. Moreover, the affordable price of this product will not lower the quality it is provided.

As a matter of fact, this type of Philips Norelco provides 4 direction Flex Heads combined with a great blade system. Both of them works together to gives you clean and smooth shaving result. Moreover, it trims the hair for every curve in one single pass. Also, it provides good battery life as you can use it for a longer time.

Highlights Features of Philips Norelco Shaver Dimensions: 3.5 x 5 x 9.7 inches

Weight: 13.6 ounces Price: Around $40

The presence of good features of this kind of best rotary shavers is linked to the great performance of it. Then, with a handy handle of this shaver, then you can control the shaving movement as well as you can help to prevent any razor bumps and skin irritation. Indeed, the rotary shaver is best in providing the closeness and smoothness of the shaving. Therefore, due to the presence of sharp blades and advanced technology, there is no doubt to choose rotary shaver as an option for a daily shave.

Choosing the best rotary shaver means you have to be careful to look at the preferences. Though, it is wisely to choose the one which fit your needs and your budget. With great choices we have listed above, now you can pick the one that fit your preferences. Then, not forget to mention, shaving in a proper method is the main part of having great shaving experience.

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